Word of the Year 2019: Open (and a round up)

Can you believe it’s 2019 already? Can you believe tomorrow is the last day of January? I can’t. I mean, sure, it is generally known that January is the longest month of the year at approximately 900 days, but still…!

Right around the end of the year, I started thinking about what the word of the year was going to be. You might remember that 2018’s word of the year was RISK. (And boy, did I, more soon). I feel like, however, I’m ready for a new word and intention. After a lot of thinking about where I wanted my year to be and how I wanted it to feel, I decided on a single word that feels powerful to me.

That word is Open.

I want to walk through this year with an open mind, heart, body & spirit. I feel like I’ve walked the hard road of self discovery and healing, and I want to be open to new experiences and new opportunities.

I want to be open to new relationships and partnerships.

I want to be open to what the universe has in store for me.

I want to be open to new ideas and new ventures.

I want to be open in my communication. (This is something I really, really struggle with, but I really want to work on it!)

Openness. Light. Power. Vulnerability. May I be open to all that the universe has in store for me in 2019.


And now… a quick round up from 2018:


  • I took on the interim costumer job at University of Dayton for three months, designing 2 shows (one in February and March)
  • A dear friend adopted the CUTEST baby girl


  • The first UD show went up, as we worked with a west coast slam poet to devise some theatre together.
  • 2 glorious Galentine’s Day parties with my teams.


  • I opened Once on This Island for Chaminade Julienne High School
  • I opened my first dance show, Transparency, with UD’s dance department


  • I traveled to Utah and had a glorious vacation with two of my very best friends- and found that mountains are almost as good as the ocean
  • I started at Kings Island as the Department Manager of Costumes- essentially the costume shop manager- with 15-20 direct reports


  • Had my wisdom teeth out
  • Kings Island opened the Summer season shows
  • I went to Walt Disney World with my high school kids for a week, which included a tour of the Disney Costume shop AND time spent in Avatar-land in Animal Kingdom, which was amazing
  • Penelope turned 5!


  • I moved into a house I love and took on some home ownership ~stuff~, even as a renter
  • Started volunteering with America’s Packard Museum on Sunday afternoons, which I love.


  • I made friends with a lady down the street, who is now one of my best friends
  • I started taking Aerial Silks, which I HAVE LOVED, but it is so hard


  • I decided to launch some wedding costuming, and have now worked on two weddings


  • The Haunt opened at Kings Island, prompting my first 10 pm-2 am trip down there for this season.


  • I’m sure stuff happened in October- but I feel like it was just LOTS of work!


  • I turned 29
  • We opened Winterfest- 14 shows on the same day- no overnights required
  • CJ’s fall play “A Murder is Announced” is a great success


  • The long, 18 month court situation I’ve been walking through with a friend ended, at long last.
  • The Christmas theme was “pompoms and plaid”, and turned out very pretty
  • I paid off the first of my three student loans


Whew, what a year!


Since there’s still 11 months of 2019 left, here’s some of my hopes for the year:

  • more journaling
  • more sleep
  • more fulfilling work, less busywork
  • deepening friendships and relationships
  • learning to feed my body nutrition as a reward
  • finding new and challenging ways to move my body
  • work more towards being my own boss all the time
  • work on paying down my debt
  • more reading
  • work on my craft more (better sewing skills)
  • stay open to the process and to new things


Seems like a lot, I know! But you know how much I love to be busy. As usual, I’ve got big dreams and big ideas. I’ve got more projects than I have time for. But you know what? I can feel it. Good things are coming. I’m willing to put in the work- what are you working for?


5 Fall fashion must haves

Hi there, Supers!

Today, we’re talking fashion. As I look to expand my career reach with some personal styling services, I’m paying more and more attention to what’s popular right now. I’m a HUGE believer in wearing whatever the heck you want, but if you’re into fashion, here we go.

One of my biggest fashion tips is to know where to invest your money. Where do you need to pay for a truly quality item, and when can you pick up something from Target?

Enter this Fall Fashion guide.

What I’ve done here is look at the trends and pick out the things that are not one and done, as far as the season goes. I don’t want you to spend your money on something you’ll only wear twice before it’s really out of fashion.

What I want is a super suit that will last you!

Image result for edna mode super suits

So! Let’s take a look. If you’re only going to buy 5 things this fall to update your wardrobe, they should be…

1: Denim mini skirt: If you bought one this Summer, you’re in luck! You’ll definitely want one of those this fall. They’re so versatile! Warm out? Pair with a cardigan and loafers. Getting chilly? Jacket and boots. One of those perfect, cold fall days? Absolutely, tights, boots, sweater and latte. You with me? I’ll admit, I definitely need to pick one of these up. I haven’t owned a denim skirt in years, but they’re everywhere right now, and I’m definitely starting to see the appeal of these laid back, sexy skirts.

top: Bloomingdale’s, $106.31 bottom left: ROMWE, $12.59, bottom middle: Target, $22.59, bottom right: Forever21, $17.90

Image result for denim mini skirt fall

Image result for denim mini skirt fall Image result for denim mini skirt fall plus size Image result for denim mini skirt fall plus size sweater

2: silk Bomber jacket: I got one of these in my Dia Box last month, and I was instantly in love. I’m a sucker for jackets anyway, but this one just felt so nice! Light enough for warm days, cool enough for evenings, casual enough for jeans, cute with a dress. Mine is olive green, but I’m thinking I might need one in a good pop of color, too…

top: St. John, $358.00 right: Shein, $25.00, bottom: Neiman Marcus, $49.00


Image result for silk bomber jacket Gathered Zip Sleeve Flight Jacket,M  Fast Flower Performance Bomber Jacket

3: wide leg trouser: This fall’s trouser has wide legs and a high waist, making your waist look smaller and your legs look longer. They’re a little reminiscent of bellbottoms, actually, but don’t worry: they’re easy to wear to work or on the go. We’ll see them in a variety of prints and patterns, but if you’re nervous, I think a wide leg denim is really a great place to start. Pair it with a cropped jacket and tucked in tee for a slightly rock vibe, or with a button down shirt for a clean, finished look.

left: Modcloth, $75.00 middle: Kohl’s, $17.60 , right Missguided, $45.00 bottom: Poetic Justice, $64.00

Image result for wide leg trouserWomen's Jennifer Lopez Midrise Wide-Leg Satin Dress Pants  Image result for wide leg trouserImage result for wide leg trouser plus size

4: Statement coat: I love jackets. I think it’s because I’m cold a lot, but I love to wear layers, and I am THRILLED that this look is in right now. Whether it’s fur, a cropped puffer, a long dramatic duster or a shocking shade, the statement coat is absolutely in right now, and it is absolutely divine. Personally, I’m seeing a lot of red leather in stores right now, which I LOVE, because I have been wearing a red leather moto style jacket for years now. It makes me feel powerful and sexy, and I get a ton of compliments on it. If you’re not sure how to approach this, I would recommend starting with a length. Cropped? Normal? Knee length? Longer? Once you know what length (and style) you want, find something you love, and don’t forget to think about other things you might wear with a coat- favorite scarves, bags, and shoes come to my mind. I think you can absolutely mix colors and textures, according to your personal taste here- I wear my red leather jacket pretty regularly with a dark teal or even eggplant bag and don’t worry about it unless I’m trying to be extra fancy for some reason!

Left: Bloomingdale’s, $199.00 Middle: Primary New York, $195.00, middle right: Free People, $268.00 far right: Burlington, $99.99

Avec Les Filles Faux Fur Swing Coat - Burgundy Brown Allan The Duster grey / mediumFree People Swingy Faux Fur CoatExcelled Leather Moto Jacket with Snap Collar


Western accessories: country girls at heart, rejoice! The world’s most comfortable boot is back. I’m a long standing convert to the cowgirl bootie, but I may have to up my game and find a more mid calf version this fall! Other excellent western accessories include silver and turquoise ~anything~, whether it’s earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, or belt buckles. My vote? Stay away from the rhinestone embellished jean booties, but anything else is in, as far as I’m concerned- and the more the merrier.

Boots: DSW, $99.99

Jewelry: asos, varies

ASOS DESIGN bangle pack in burnished silver and turquoise stones


Bonus: boots and booties: I just could NOT leave this one out, but surely, you know this already, right? I love boots, and have a growing fondness for booties, and they’re so perfect for fall!! Pick up a pair in a statement color, in cognac, in black, and in this fall’s surprising neutral, white and you’ll be good to go in no time.

Top: Vince Camuto, $150, Middle: Dr. Martens, $140, bottom, DSW, $100,

actual bottom: FSJ $84.99

vince camuto western bootsdr martens burgundy lace up combat boots

Bazel Over The Knee Combat Boot


Whew! I think that’s it. I’m so excited- I love it when the weather gets cooler and the clothes amp up. Layers, jackets, boots, jeans… that’s my kind of weather.


So what do you think, supers? Are you ready for some fall fashion updating? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!


Until next time,





What is wedding costuming?

A few weeks ago, I posted out on my social platforms (@charisweible on Instagram and @chariscostumes on facebook) that I was now accepting wedding costuming clients. I got such overwhelmingly good feedback- I was blown away by everyone’s kindness. A few days later, I called my dad, and asked if he had seen the post. He said “yeah… we couldn’t figure out what that means. Are you going to do Star Trek Weddings now?”

Oh, Dad… so supportive, but always finding the questions I didn’t even think of.

So in case you’re also confused about what I mean when I talk about wedding costuming, let me fill you in on what that means to me and how my brain got to the idea.

Wedding costuming by Charis looks like this: I will help you look amazing on your wedding day. I can help brides pick out what they want to wear for every step of their wedding process- engagement photos, rehearsal dinner outfit, hair and makeup clothes, The Dress, reception dress, honeymoon wardrobe. I can do this for anyone involved in a wedding (or really any special event!), whether you’re a bride, a groom, a parent, etc.

There are several different ways to do it, and I hope you’ll get in touch if you’re interested! For example, I’m talking to one client who wants me to look at a dress she has already purchased, adjust the fit if necessary, and help her pick out the right shoes and other accessories. I’m putting together a look book for a second client, from there, I might go ahead and purchase for her, help with fit, etc.

I can also walk through from beginning to end, working with you to choose things that will make you look and feel beautiful and confident.

wedding costuming 1

I hit upon the idea after being in and around several weddings. I’m going to let you in on a big secret: weddings are essentially a theatrical production. There are so many moving pieces, it’s stressful, there’s a firm deadline, the details need to be perfect, there’s even an element of performance at most weddings. When I was my sister’s maid of honor, and later an impromptu wedding day of coordinator for a friend, I remarked on this to several people, but then didn’t really think much more about it.

For the next five and a half years, through a LOT of life changes, every now and then I would find myself thinking about the wedding industry. I knew there had to be a business opportunity for me in there somewhere, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. It’s not pure alterations on wedding dresses (something I am still very hesitant to do). It’s not leaving clothes behind to get into event/party planning or event coordination.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I was driving home from work, tired, trying to figure out what the next step is for me professionally. I like my job at Kings Island, but I also know that it isn’t where I want to be for the next twenty years. I probably don’t even want to be there five more years. I’ve dreamed of being my own boss for years, but I also knew I didn’t want to leave the area I live in, and that meant that being a full time freelance costume designer was probably out- the market just isn’t big enough. So what was it? What was I going to become? How could I use my skills and talents to serve more people, and keep myself from going absolutely crazy?

Have you read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert? If you haven’t, you should. (I’ll review it fully for you soon). Well, anyway, I was reading Big Magic, and she was talking about how ideas float around, trying to be brought to life.



So there I was, driving home from work, trying to figure out what this might look like, and the idea SLAMMED into me. I could almost feel the physical force, I swear. I was on the phone, and I had just pulled in my driveway, and I ran into my sewing room, grabbed a post-it and wrote down “wedding costumer??”. I finished my phone conversation, and my brain got busy dancing with the idea. What did that mean? Could it make me money? Did I need it to? How on Earth would I get started in that?

I chewed on it for almost a week. And then, one Sunday at the Packard Museum, I thought to myself, Well, the worst that can happen is that no one jumps on it. Putting a couple of posts up can’t hurt, and you could even delete them if it’s embarrassing. So I threw a post up, and it did pretty well. 24 hours later, I had appointments with two different women, who have both commented about what good timing it is and how excited they are.

I’m pretty excited about the idea too. It feels like a good marriage (puns always intended) of my skills with costume design and my desire to help people. And also, I don’t talk about this very often, but I love love. I think love stories and weddings are SO beautiful, and I’m excited about the opportunity to be a part of people’s weddings in a way that will make them feel so confident and sure of themselves.

So! If you’re getting married and you want any amount of help in the wardrobe department, I hope you will get in touch! My space is currently very limited and will fill up very, very quickly, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Until next time,

xoxo Charis


Superhero Action of the Day: share this with someone you know who’s getting married, would you? It’s hard work bootstrapping a little business, but I know I have a great team behind me! Then, let me know what you think of the idea. If you’re married, would you have liked having this as a part of your wedding experience?




10 things to help you rock September

Can you BELIEVE it’s September already? Seems like just yesterday it was February (sorry… bad inactivity joke)

In any case, it’s a great time of year for new beginnings! If you’re a student, you’re fresh back to school. If you’re out of school, you might be wrangling tiny humans and getting them into a classroom. But even if you aren’t at all connected with the school schedule during this chapter, it’s still a great time to assess where you are and what you need moving forward.

I’ve had a lot of time to come up with ten new products, but these are all things I’m using currently that I love.

Once again… no money involved here, just my honest opinions!

  1. Instant Pot– I bought this for myself on Amazon Prime Day, and although I’m still learning the mysteries of the Instant Pot, I am obsessed already. It’s so easy. The food is so good! It’s so quick! Expect to see more about it soon!!10 things to rock September
  2. Goal Digger podcast– I won’t lie, finding this podcast is a big part of my new found motivation! I listen to Jenna every morning, and if nothing else, she makes me believe these dreams of mine are possible. If you have any dreams of having a side hustle or owning your own business, you should be listening to this!10 things to help you rock September: www.superheroliving.blog
  3. Panera Souffles I KNOW these are not necessarily a healthy breakfast option, but oh my gosh are they delicious!! If you’re looking for something a little different for breakfast, you have to try one.                           10 things to help you rock September: www.superheroliving.blog
  4. OPI Iceland collection I picked up a bottle of “Icelanded a bottle of OPI” recently at TJ Maxx, and I’m loving the color. It’s super neutral, which isn’t my go to, but I’m feeling it right now! It’s kind of a purple-y greige, and it makes me feel very polished and put together. 10 things to help you rock September: www.superheroliving.blog
  5. Dia Box I started getting a Dia Style Box this Summer, and I must admit, it’s been fun. If you don’t know, Dia boxes are curated personally styled boxes of clothes that get delivered once a month. Dia caters exclusively to plus size women. I really enjoy getting my boxes every month, although I have to be honest- I send most of the clothes back. Often I like the pieces, but they’re just too expensive for me. Still, it’s fun to see the things they pick out, the quality is generally very good, and I like keeping track of what’s stylish. 10 things to help you rock September- www.superheroliving.blog
  6. Kroger Clicklist Wherever you buy your groceries, I imagine there’s some kind of a pick up option- or there will be soon. Y’all. This is a game changer. If you’re busy like I am, this will save you SO MUCH TIME. It’s totally worth the nominal ($5) charge. I can pick out exactly what I want in my Kroger app, then they gather it all up, bring it to me at my car, and I drive off. I can schedule when I want to go and get them within a one hour window. Seriously, it’s so easy, I feel silly when I actually go inside the grocery now. BIG time saver. 10 things to help you rock September
  7. P3 protein packs These are such a great on the go snack or light meal! They come in a lot of different varieties, so I don’t get bored, and it’s so nice to be able to throw one in my bag in the morning and snack on it on my way to the gym after work, or if I get low energy during the day. 10 things to help you rock September
  8. Aerial Silks I expect I’ll do a full post on this sometime soon, because people always have a bunch of questions about it, and frankly I’m kind of obsessed. Here’s the quick rundown though: there’s probably a fitness studio near(ish) you that teaches it. I do NOT have great upperbody strength, but this is totally helping! YES, it’s super fun and exciting. But also, YES, it hurts. I routinely get weird bruises. However, I’m absolutely LOVING it. It’s a totally different type of challenge, unlike anything I’ve ever tried before, and seriously, it is so fun! It’s all women at my studio, and it is such a warm and supportive group. The biggest issue (other than the physical strength) is the mental game- it takes courage to flip yourself upside down holding a piece of fabric! However, it’s helping me trust myself, and that’s beautiful too. 10 things to help you rock September
  9. storyworth Story worth is a serveice that sends a question to the recipient every week, and after a year, it prints the answers, binds them, and sends them to you in a book! I bought a subscription for my grandmother this spring for Mother’s Day, and yes, it was a very thoughtful gift, but also, it has been unexpectedly great to get her answers in my inbox. I can really hear her voice in the answers and I know that will be precious to me forever. If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a loved one (it’s definitely aimed at older people) it’s a perfect fit. 10 things to help you rock September: www.superheroliving.blog
  10. Mint Who among us doesn’t need a better way to manage money? I know I do!! I like Mint because it’s by quicken, so if you already have a Quicken account, it will share some info. Also, they make it pretty easy to add all your bills, accounts and assets, and then they remind you how you’re doing. I’m definitely still a beginner, but it’s working for me so far! I think I’ve shared about this one before- but it’s so good, it’s definitely worth re-mentioning!

10 things to help you rock September- www.superheroliving.blog

The Relaunch

Hey Supers!

It’s been a minute, right? I know- I started this thing, and then I really, really dropped the ball. I have a thousand excuses, but it boils down to this, at the heart of it:

I wasn’t sure I had anything relevant to say. I was in a serious season of self doubt and hardship- I tried to share some of that with you, but then I felt like this space was getting really negative, which isn’t really what I’m about. So instead of figuring it out… I stopped writing. I took this off my plate. I took some time to figure myself and this brand out.

I know that that probably hurt my growth potential and followers. I know a lot of you have been asking for more posts. (And I SO appreciate that!) But you know what? I think it was probably good for me. It was good for Charis, the human behind the words here. IT was good for my Superhero Persona, who needed to spend some time on a digital mountaintop thinking and doing some mental training. I get it, it was risky if I want this little space to take off (which, who knows, I’m still just thrilled when one person reads this, so maybe it doesn’t matter AT ALL) but I just felt like, if I don’t have anything positive to write about it, then what’s the point??

Now I hear you asking “What have you been doing since February?”

Here’s the round up: I designed three shows, one for Chaminade Julienne High School, and two for the University of Dayton. I went on vacation to Logan, Utah to see two of my absolute favorite humans. (Adventure post soon!!) I went back to work as the costume shop manager for Kings Island, which has occupied the vast majority of my time in the last 5 months. I started doing some volunteering at America’s Packard Museum once-ish a week. That’s been kind of a weird off shoot for me, but I actually really look forward to it every weekend. I moved into a house, and I’ve just been so busy getting the house the way I want it. I started taking some classes in Aerial Silks and Lyra (aerial hoop), which is a journey in physical and mental strength unlike anything I’ve worked on before. I went back to the boxing gym- you can find me there 2-3 times a week right now, and I can see the progress so clearly. I walked a long hard road with a friend who needs me. I made new friends. And I spent a LOT of time thinking about the kind of person I am, and want to be. I spent a lot of time examining the smoke screens I’ve been throwing across my personality: things like overly formal, careful writing (and living). Not truly trusting the process, not truly living full out. Not forcing myself to live up to my potential.

The relaunch: www.superheroliving.blogThe Relaunch: www.superheroliving.blog

The Relaunch: www.superheroliving.blog
The cast of Kings Island’s Gravity, costumes by Genevieve Beauchamp

The relaunch: www.superheroliving.blog

And then I got inspired again to be here, in this space. To chronicle the journey, but also to try and help other people figure things out for themselves.

I won’t pretend to have it all figured out. I don’t. None of us do. I am afraid, and frustrated, too busy, and stressed. But I’m also so grateful for this life that I get to live.

And here’s what I know, deep down in the pit of my soul, where I always find the truth: when I live in that abundance, life is so good. When I trust that the Universe (which is the same as the Force, Spirit, God, and the Creator) wants what’s best for me, and that all I have to do is trust, the Universe comes through. Every time. And it comes through in ways that blow me away. I have gotten such concrete examples of the Universe taking care of me, that I don’t have any other choice than to have faith that it will be there for me.

With that knowledge, I’m free. I’m free to create and explore. I’m free to take off on any adventure I want. I’m free to live in a way that honors myself and that incredible guiding force, the Universe. I’m free to pursue the things I find passion and joy in. I’m free to be my most true self, regardless of who she is, because the Creator of the Universe does not make mistakes. And so as long as I live in a way that honors self and It, I’ll win, every time.

I hope that doesn’t sound too hippy-dippy or woo-woo to you, because I truly believe that it’s the foundation of superhero-dom. This is what gives us our superpowers. Because I AM a superhero, and so are you. All you have to do is plug in to that energy and watch yourself take off.

So! Here’s what you can expect from me, moving forward. I’m not going to promise you that I will post every day- I won’t. I’m not going to promise you that it will be all rainbows from here, and you’ll never see a post that examines the darker parts of life- you will. But I’ll be here regularly- I’m going to shoot for 2-3 times a week. The blog will focus where it has always focused: improving life and superhero skills. But very generally, I’ll stick to the following topics:

  • Work (including some new ventures I can’t WAIT to tell you about!)
  • Relationship with self and others
  • Making and creating
  • Fitness/nutrition
  • Adventures

Or, to put it in superhero jargon (because WHY NOT):

  • Missions
  • How Not To Be A Martyr (they all do it. it’s dumb. Let’s not.)
  • Invention and Genius
  • Training
  • Adventures (because that’s exciting enough on it’s own)

I don’t mind telling you, I’m a little nervous about this. I’m scared I’ll let you down again. I have TONS of fun ideas for posts, and my most earnest intention and prayer is to write like crazy so that we can continue to connect through this space. But one of the things I’ve been learning this year is that I don’t have to know what the next year will look like- I know what today looks like, and the Universe has the rest of it figured out. I’ll know when it’s time. I trust that this little blog is a part of that plan. And so, I’ll continue to trust that this will work out, that I’ll have the ideas, the space, the words, and the time.

So if you’re happy to see this new post, could you let me know? Could you like it, leave me a comment here, or on facebook (@SuperheroLiving) or on Instagram (@charisweible)? Could you share this space with a friend? I could use some support from my team as I jump back in here, and I KNOW you all have my back.

In the meantime, I’ll see you soon.



The Relaunch: www.superheroliving.blog


Superhero Action of the day: Give me thumbs up somewhere if you’re happy to see this place grooving again! I’m excited to be back with you- and I hope you’re excited about it too!


10 things to help you get through February

Hi Supers! It’s February! You know what that means: time for some new stuff to try!

As usual, no one’s paying me for this. (Although Amazon should be, since all these links go to them.)


  1. RX bars
    I got an offer in my email to try these with a discount this past month, and so I jumped on it. They’re at a slightly higher price point ($20 for 12), but they’re very tasty. Super dense and chewy but packed with nutrition and flavor.rxbars_02_bars
  2. Pack it lunch bag
    I bought my PackIt on Amazon about a year and a half ago, and it literally saves me on a daily basis. I’ll be the first to admit that the one I chose (The picnic tote, pictured) was not cheap and it is LARGE. But I’m on the go so much that I routinely don’t eat a single meal at home- and this baby easily hauls 3 meals, water and snacks. Bonus, when I’m really on top of it, I freeze the bag overnight and then it acts as it’s own cold pack all day!
  3. google drive
    OK, if you aren’t using google drive yet… you’re living the hard way. If you have EVER wanted to share a document with someone else, this is absolutely the way to do it. It’s user friendly, free, and super streamlined, particularly if you’re already using gmail or another google service.
  4. Paper mate ink joy pens
    I got one of these for Christmas, and I have to say, I really like it. The entire pen is rubber coated, so I can hold it comfortably wherever I want to, and it writes almost like a super fine tip marker. Mine is Pink, and the color is super bright and cheerful!
  5. pickle snacks
    These things are addicting! If you like Pickles, go ahead and try them. It’s just a bag of pickle slices, but they’re very tasty and there’s not much juice so they’re perfect for snacking. Last week, I had a terrible headache. I went upstairs for a coffee and a bag of these. I don’t know if it was the pickle brine, the caffeine, or both, but headache gone- in about 10 minutes.
  6. stamp your own jewelry
    Last weekend, some friends of mine and I met up at a place nearby (West Chester, if you’re local) for an evening of metal stamping on jewelry. It was so fun and so easy! My piece is ready for pickup now, and I can’t wait to see the finished product! If there’s a place near you, I recommend it- it’s a fun, crafty night out!
  7. Jergens Shower Lotion
    This stuff is awesome. I put it on after I shut off the water but before I dry off, and I can definitely feel a difference in my skin if I happen to forget. It has a nice light fragrance, and is perfect to combat winter skin.
  8. Kroger grab and go meals
    On a whim this week, I picked up a precooked meal at my Kroger grocery store. It was on sale, and I thought, what the heck. Well, I have to admit, I was very impressed. I bought it in the deli section, already portioned and cooked. I heated it up in the microwave exactly like I would have if I had cooked it myself. The rice had so much flavor and the salmon was still flaky and light. Green beans were nice and crisp. It was a perfect portion size, and it was SO easy.
  9. Tarte liquid lipstick
    I don’t tend to do bold lips very often, especially for day, but this liquid lipstick is a great transitional color and it has some serious staying power! The applicator tickles my lips a lot, which is a weird feeling, but I really like the formula.
  10. Amazon music
    One morning in, and I’m hooked. If you have Amazon Prime and you’re paying for another streaming service, you’re wasting your money. I can choose which artists I want to listen to, customize playlists, and listen for as long as I want, no commercials. And if I want to, I can download it for offline listening as well. Bye, Pandora!712be6lrhr5l




There you have it- I hope this helps gets you through the month!

Superhero Action of the day: Did I miss something you love? Be sure to comment and let me know so I can check it out!

Mysterious Motivation

It’s the end of January (I know, where did the time go??). I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. And cold. And feeling like maybe it would be nice to climb in my bed and stay there for a week.

Honestly, this whole month could be titled “The case of the mysteriously vanishing motivation”. I went to the gym last night- for the second time this month. My apartment needs cleaned, I need to go to the grocery, the litter boxes need cleaned and my fitbit is dead. Happy Tuesday!

If you’re feeling any of this, don’t despair! I’ve scoured the internet and found some ways to reel Motivation back in so we can get more done- even in these cold dark days of January!


  1. Find your “why”: You hear this a lot in fitness and weight loss groups. Coaches will tell you that your why is what you hold to when you just don’t feel like working out. Full disclosure: this one is really hard for me. I don’t feel like I have a huge, overwhelming “why”- certainly not one that sustains me during motivation slumps. A lot of people say their kids, for instance, and that doesn’t work for me. So! To help us all out, here are 20 reasons why:

    -better sleep
    -better stress management
    -clearer skin
    -fit in my clothes better
    -more confidence
    -unsupported handstand!
    -vintage clothing
    -visible muscle definition
    -not winded at the top of the stairs
    -I only get one body
    – big “physical dreams” (mountain climbing, marathon running)
    -better mood
    -not held back by size or strength limitations
    – to be a good example
    -to become more disciplined
    -better focus/more productivity
    -to prove to myself
    -I refuse to undo all of my previous hard work
    -I’m too young to feel this old
    -Because I love this body

Obviously, these are mostly fitness related, but you get the idea!

2. Surround yourself with motivation and look at it all the time! I would encourage you to stay away from things like “You’ll never look good naked fat” as that’s just body shaming and ugly, but things like “eat like you love yourself” will only help you!

3. Be. Patient. No matter your goals, they will take time- that’s what makes them worth working for!

4. Don’t compare yourself to others. Comparison is truly the thief of joy. Don’t let it take yours. This is so hard, with social media everywhere and everywhere you look, someone else’s perfect life is on display. Remember that it’s just a display and that your story isn’t theirs. It doesn’t matter what others have, because you’re a superhero.

5. Believe in yourself. No matter your goal, you have to believe it is possible before you can work on it. Every morning I think to myself, “you can do this, Supergirl”. It’s silly, but it helps!


Also, I made this goal tracker sheet for myself, and I think it is helping. If it’ll help you, you can print it out and do what you like with it- just don’t sell it, please!




Superhero Action of the day: Make a list of the things that will keep you motivated! Refocus, and then go out and crush those goals.

Take time to be grateful

I feel like recently, I’ve been a mess of things that are difficult, and that’s bleeding into my writing here.

As you all know, last year was very difficult for me, but I’m not really the kind of persona to wallow in that.

And y’all, things are so good right now. I’ve got the right amount of work (and money!) for maybe the first time in my adult life.

My relationships, while not wrinkle free, are pretty healthy and happy.

It’s cold, but I have the things I need to stay warm.

I’m even doing ok at the eating well thing (although I am still struggling with getting enough exercise!)

And all of this has got me feeling just so grateful. I’m so thankful to be here, doing work that I love and work that I like. I’m so thankful for each one of you reading these posts and encouraging me.

I’m so thankful for my family, the friends that feel like family, and the coworkers and students that bring me so much joy.

I’m so thankful for this body that gets me through 14,16,18 hour days like a A CHAMP.

And the funniest thing happens when we dwell on gratitude instead of on negativity. I find that I am just generally happier. Gratitude and negativity both breed like rabbits, and we get to choose what we’re overrun with.

I hope you choose gratitude. I know not every day is your new best day. I know there will be days where you just don’t feel like a superhero. I know, because I’ve had them. I’ve lost relationships, jobs, family members. I’ve gained weight, lived on fast food, and been less than awesome to the people I work with.

And I’m thankful anyway. It’s not because someone always has it worse. It’s simply because I am thankful. I’m thankful for my life.

And I hope you are too.

If you’re not, here are a couple of things that might help:

  1. Try getting up in the morning a tiny bit earlier and listing out the things that are going well for you- even if it’s just that you’ve managed to get out of bed.
  2. Make a list of the things you have to be grateful for and keep it where you can refer to it constantly (phone background, anyone?)
  3. Start a gratitude journal.
  4. Take a walk. Outside, even in the cold. And when you get warmed up enough that you start to feel alive even though it’s so cold, be grateful for a body that lets you do that.
  5. Find a charitable organization to give to or donate your time. I’m not sure why this works, but it really, really does.


I truly believe that being a superhero means having a healthy body, mind and spirit, and gratefulness is a big part of that- I hope you’ll learn to practice this if you aren’t already!


Superhero Action of the day: What are you grateful for? I want to know!

Five ways to reduce waste

Hi Superheroes!

Today we’re talking trash.

I mean it! But not like that- superheroes try not to gossip.  No, today, we’re talking about making less trash, and being kinder to our planet.

This is so important- but I get it, no one wants to go through 40,000 extra steps OR spend a ton of extra money on being green. So here are a few of my favorite, easy, cheap ways to be nicer to the planet and reduce your waste.

  1. Carry a water bottle. This one is kind of obvious, but it’s so important. Not only will you be better hydrated, but those plastic water bottles are YUCKY. If you’re like me and addicted to seltzer water, a soda stream machine is worth the investment! I fill up two one liter bottles before I leave in the morning and I have water all day- without a drop of waste! Much better than my case of soda cans, even if I was recycling them!
  2. Take your own grocery bags or ask for paper. Again, fairly familiar, but again, it makes a big impact! Look out soon for a tutorial on making your own bags out of an old t-shirt- that way it’s even free! If you do get plastic bags, find a recycling center that will accept them and get rid of them responsibly.
  3. Try to buy for longevity, and not convenience. Stick with me here: although you might pay a higher price point up front, when you can afford it, buy quality stuff. This is especially pertinent to things like clothes, electronics, etc. If you can get more than one use/year/etc, out of an item, you’re keeping that item out of the trash a little longer. You’ll actually save money in the long run, too! I know it isn’t always feasible, but when we can, it helps!
  4. Try composting. This one is a little trickier, but there are several good ways to go about it. First of all, if you’re a gardener, you probably already know about composting, and you may even have your own bin or pile- that’s amazing! If, however, you live in an apartment, like me, or in a city, or have no interest in gardening (also me), fear not! You can still get some mileage out of all those food scraps! There are programs starting up all over the country that provide you with a bin and then pick it up when it is full, using it on community gardens, for the city or in other ways that are beneficial to the community. OR, you could take a look around your neighborhood or ask family, friends and coworkers. For example, I save all of my food scraps and then put them in my neighbor’s compost bins. I feel good doing something to give back and he gets the benefits of healthy gardens in the spring and summer. Plus, I sort of made a friend doing it! Win-win-win.
  5. Join a community initiative. Whether it’s adopting a highway, doing a parks pick up day or starting your own trash pickup as you walk around your neighborhood, find a way to do your part for your community. WE all make a lot of trash. The least we can do is keep it where it belongs.


There you have it! 5 super simple ways to live a little greener!

Superhero action of the day: What did I miss? What are some other ways to give back to our community and world? Let me know- I love hearing from you!

So This is Where We Are: Accepting Setbacks

Hello, Superheroes!

I hope your humpday went well! I started my most recent work gig this week, and I must admit, I’m tired! It’s less physical than my job at the amusement park, but man, I am tired at the end of the day!

And sometimes that means I have to just accept the fact that I didn’t get everything done. I didn’t get a blog post up. I didn’t get to the gym. I didn’t.

But sometimes that also means accepting that I can’t. Sometimes that’s easy. I cannot run a marathon (yet.) I cannot go without sleep (though I try). But sometimes, admitting that I can’t do something is really, really hard. Especially when it is something I used to be able to do.

I’ve recently taken on kind of a quiet challenge. Even if I don’t do anything else physical all day, I’m doing 10 pushups a day for 100 days. On January 1, when I got down on the floor and did my pushups, I wanted to cry. I did them from my knees and they were still really, really hard. How can it be that 10 pushups are so hard for me right now? 10 pushups from my toes used to be relatively easy for me. And now I can’t even contemplate that. Now 10 pushups from my knees leave me winded and feeling exerted.

I was embarrassed. Ashamed. Frustrated. Disappointed with myself.

But the more I think about that battle in particular, the more I can just accept that this is where I am right now. I haven’t been able to focus on my body goals recently. And as much as I try, I can’t always juggle all of the things I wish I could. I haven’t been able to carve out time for the gym, or for boxing.

I went to my first yoga class in a long time a couple of weeks ago, and it was so hard.

But that’s where I am right now.

On the other hand, my career stuff is booming- so much so that I haven’t been able to focus on the Etsy store I started thinking about last Summer. But this is where I am.

Because here’s the thing: all stages of life are temporary. Happy with where you are? I hate to tell you, but in all likelihood it is temporary.

Ready for a change? Good. Not only do you get to choose it, but where you are currently will change. And that’s a beautiful thing.

I may not be able to do ten pushups from my toes right now, but I’m working on changing that. Because where I am right now does not define where I will be forever, or even at the end of this 100 days. I don’t have to know what my life long physical fitness goals are to be able to say that I want to be stronger in 100 days. Heck, I don’t even have much of a goal for the end of the 100 days. I just want to try it and see what happens. I will tell you I have a goal of being able to do a handstand by my birthday, and the pushups are going to help with that, but other than that, I don’t know right now.

I have a goal of figuring out how to jam 2 exercise classes a week into my schedule starting February 1. Right now, I’m cold and tired every minute I’m not working, and so, that has to be enough.

Because this is where I am right now.

If you’re struggling with the idea that you aren’t doing enough, or if you’ve experienced a setback recently, I would encourage you to think to yourself, right now, “This is just where I am right now”. Then take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Feel any better? I hope so.

And remember, my superheroes: where you are right now will never, ever determine your final destination. If you’ve been knocked down a rung or two- the good news is you can climb back up.


Superhero Action of the Day: If you’re feeling like some areas of your life have been neglected or set back recently, take a minute and list one positive thing for each of them. And then take a deep breath- and start climbing.