Happy Saturday, all!

Did you get to do something that fed you today? I hope so. How are you living out Superhero Living this weekend? I want to hear all about it! I’ll start.

Today, I tried something brand new to me. I went to a yoga and beer class. I don’t know about you, but it seems like there have been a LOT of these popping up on my radar recently. Brewasana classes, stretch and sips, yoga on tap- whatever you call it, it seems like there are lots of options to go to a bar or restaurant, do some yoga, and enjoy a favorite beverage. I’ve been wanting to try one for a while now, and today, at long last, one fit in my schedule this morning- so off I went, yoga mat in tow!

The specific class I went to is called ‘Yoga on Tap”, and is hosted by a Dayton pizza place called Old Scratch Pizza. If you’re a local and you haven’t been there yet, it’s worth a trip, yoga or no. It’s gourmet, Neapolitan style pizzas and craft beer. They have some great salads and appetizers too. It’s a very fun, casual spot, right in downtown.

Anyway, Old Scratch also does a lot of philanthropic work, and they host one Saturday morning yoga class a month. For $15, you get an hour of yoga and a pint of beer afterwards. Every now and then, the proceeds from the class go to a worthy cause. Today’s cause? Honor Flight Dayton.

If you aren’t familiar with Honor Flight, let me begin by assuring you that it is a very worthy cause. Honor Flight’s mission is to get as many US veterans as possible to Washington DC to see the memorials dedicated to the wars they served in. My grandpa got to go a few years ago, and I saw first hand how meaningful that experience was to him.

So: an hour of yoga, a beer AND I get to support a cause I really and truly believe in? Absolutely, I’m there. Win-win-win!

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I would say I’m at an intermediate level as a yogi, but going to a new kind of class is always a little nerve wracking. The tables were cleared away to show the bare floor of the restaurant. I signed in at the counter, and found a spot for my mat. A few minutes after 10 (when class was due to start), Stephanie, the instructor, called us to order. She told us a little about Honor Flight, and a woman in the class spoke a little bit about her personal experience with them.

Stephanie told us this would be a “heart centered” practice, which are my favorite. The class itself was gentle. It was cool in the room, and I barely broke a sweat. That was fine with me. We worked our way through Sun Salutations, Warrior Sequences and some lovely heart openers.


The one glitch in the whole process, for me, was that at the end of class, we all got in line to pay for class and claim our pints. This resulted in waiting about 10 minutes to get through. That was fine with me, but it seemed a little overwhelming to a few lunch customers who had a reasonable expectation of the place being pretty empty. No big deal, and certainly not a deterrent to me returning for another class.

I then had the great pleasure of talking with Stephanie and another class member over our beers. One of the reasons I love going to places alone is that it helps me to meet and get to know good people. Talking to these two women was a true joy, and I left feeling like this was $15 well, well spent.

So, if you’re looking for something new to do, I would encourage you to look into these kinds of classes- they’re light hearted, breezy and fun. They draw good people. And if you get lucky, they might even support a good cause.


Whatever you did today, I hope you did it to your very fullest. I’d love to hear about it!


Superhero action of the day: Ask the people around you what they did today. Ask questions and gain a new experience through them. Enjoy your day!


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