It takes a whole team of people to support a super hero. Whether it’s Felicity Smoak, Pepper Potts, Albert, Jimmy Olsen, or Wally West, every superhero needs a whole team of sidekicks to keep them in tip top fighting shape. How do we make that a part of our superhero living? Well, let’s dig deep.

First of all, often, a super hero’s team often has different strengths from them. Or at least, complimentary ones. Computer geniuses? Drivers? Archers? Pilots? Superheroes can’t do it all- we need a team of people underneath us, helping us and teaching us.

So, the next question is this: who’s on your team?

Still working it out? Me too, but maybe my list will give you some ideas.

I’m very lucky that the first members of my team are my parents. From listening to my hare brained ideas to cautioning restraint to telling me, over and over and over again that I can do it, my parents are the most supportive, wonderful, kindest people on the planet. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Similarly, my brother is definitely on my team. He’s my business advisor, and a rock solid support.

From there, the team includes a lot of people, of course, but the day to day people are my sister and about five very sweet, very supportive friends. People who are with me every step of the day. And people who have been with me through the highest of highs and the lowest, lowest, lowest of lows.

If you read my post The Origin Story the other day, then you know that the way to become a superhero hasn’t been smooth for me. And I have needed the people on my team to keep me going. When I was struggling with the second hard bite of my disordered eating, my sister was there, googling, researching, threatening and cajoling me to eat. My mom has listened to me for hours on end as I process things out loud to her. Every time I have screwed something up, my dad has been there, and met me with grace and peace and wisdom. My friends and family have cleaned my apartment, walked my dog, done my laundry, insisted I stop working, taken me out, sat on me until I relaxed.

And when I have felt like my life was ending, when I was sure that nothing would ever be the same again, people from all over the world were there. Finding the spare pieces of me and shoving them back into place until I felt whole again.

But here’s the crux of the matter: you have to have people on your team. But if your team is in place, you have to let them help you. You have to. You don’t get to pull the “I’m cutting you off so I don’t hurt you” card that so many of our superheroes pull. You don’t get to cut them out. You don’t get to kick them off of the team for their own good. I’m not saying you can’t kick people off the team ever- we’ve all done that. Or we’ve had people quit the team. Or people who found they didn’t have time to be on the team. And that’s ok- and a whole different post. But you don’t get to kick people off the team to protect them.

Because you’re on their team too. See, unlike comic books and tv shows, we’re ALL superheroes, if we want to be. And maybe that sounds cheesy to you. I don’t care. We all have that potential within us.

So as much as you need someone on your team to support you, to love you, to teach you, to have your back? The people in your life need that from you too. The people in your life need you to love them. Protect them. Support them. Teach them.

This is how we build a superhero network. This is how we get better. This is how we live out Superhero Living. By being the best version of ourselves- and helping others to fly.

Superhero action of the day: reach out to someone on your team and thank them for their role on it. And then ask them how you can be a better team member for them.

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