You ever had one of those days? One of those weeks? One of those Fridays where everything you can think of seems to have gone wrong, you fought with your work bestie, you spilled your lunch, you royally screwed up a project AND you forgot about a meeting.

I have.

And I don’t know about you, but when I have weeks like that, I get to Sunday night, start thinking about going to work the next morning and I already want to crawl under the bed and hide.

Or, have you ever had a week where everything went really well and you nailed everything, aced a test, breezed through a presentation, solved all the workplace problems, made a new friend, brought in pastries just because and made a home cooked meal every night?

Yeah, I’ve had those weeks too.

And then I get to Sunday night of the next week and Monday is looming, and I’m feeling good about last week, but when Monday arrives, I’m not quite as on top of things as I could be. And I beat myself up. “You did so well last week!” “What is wrong with you? Why can’t you do this right?”

Let’s try a new strategy: Let Monday be a new week. Let last week, whether it was your best week, your worst week or somewhere in between, rest. It doesn’t matter anymore. If things carry over, now they’re a part of this week. Last week is over. And worrying about it can’t help us anymore.

This applies to relationships too. If your boss, friend, coworker, partner, spouse, student, child said something to you last week (or even yesterday for that matter) that set your teeth on edge, Monday is a great time to make a decision: do you need to address it with that person? If so, find a time. Explain why you’re still upset. Stay calm. Don’t blame them. Just get it off your chest. And then… move on. If you don’t need to talk to them about it, then the onus is on you to let. It. Go. Holding grudges only hurts you.

Let Monday be a new week. There’s no point in hating it. (side note, if you really DO hate the place you spend most of your time, ie, work, please find something else to do that makes you happier. None of us love our jobs every minute of every day but you deserve better than outright misery 40 or more hours a week) Just think of all the opportunities this week brings you. Changing your attitude can and will change your life. I really believe that. If you’re reading this, you’re already pretty lucky. Lucky to be alive. Lucky to be able to read. Lucky to have internet access you can afford to spend on reading blog posts.

Superhero action of the day: Find two things about Mondays that you’re thankful for. Maybe its seeing your coworkers. Maybe it’s your nice quiet commute. Maybe its your yoga class after work.

But maybe its your chance to start fresh.

Don’t forget to do something amazing today!

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