Sometimes, you have to be a little spontaneous.

I am not, by nature, a spontaneous person. I like routine, and lists, and schedules. I like plans. I like to know what’s happening and when. To be brief, I like control.

Most of the time, that works for me. All of those things make me better at my job. All of these things make me a better freelancer. It can be a little rigid, it isn’t for everyone. But it works for me. Most of the time.

Sometimes, however… you just have to get out there. Sometimes, you have to throw plans to the wind and just… go with it.

Sometimes, you have to throw all your plans to the wind, and have an adventure. Unless you’re some kind of millionaire, odds are you can’t afford to go on a multi-continental adventure without some planning. I know I can’t! All my crazy vacations and trips are planned out within an inch of their lives. Obsessively. I run the numbers over and over again, and plan it out to the last detail.

But Charis, I can hear you saying, you just said to be spontaneous! I know I know I know. Let me explain.

I’m a firm believer in “making your own fun”. My Grandpa used to say that, and of all his many sayings, that’s one of my favorites. You’ve got to find your own adventures. Sometimes, that means something small- a new recipe, or taking the evening walk at the park instead of around the neighborhood. Sometimes it’s something more- surprise a friend, cancel your plans and go on a day trip. Sometimes it’s something that feels trivial- go ride a long with a friend while they run errands.

It’s about being open to new experiences. It’s about not living in such a way that you never try anything new. It’s about making relationships with people that help you look at the world with a new perspective. It’s about not being afraid to saying ‘yes’ to doing something that wasn’t in your plan, whatever the plan was. It’s about learning to surrender that control, just a little bit. Sometimes. Give yourself the freedom to deviate from the plan.

But finding your own adventure goes beyond the physical kind. Adventure is a state of mind. Anything is an adventure if you decide you’re going to enjoy it.

Maybe, instead of dreading something, we start to look at it with new eyes. Hate looking for items in the store? We’re on a quest! Hate sweeping your floors? The dirt is the villain of the day! Sure, you might feel a little silly, but we’ve already talked about that and decided it’s totally fine.

Put yourself in adventure mode. Switch things up. Let yourself be surprised a little bit.

Superhero action of the day: Do something out of your routine today! ESPECIALLY if you’re starting to feel hemmed in by things. Get out there and do something adventurous.


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