Mysterious Motivation

It’s the end of January (I know, where did the time go??). I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. And cold. And feeling like maybe it would be nice to climb in my bed and stay there for a week.

Honestly, this whole month could be titled “The case of the mysteriously vanishing motivation”. I went to the gym last night- for the second time this month. My apartment needs cleaned, I need to go to the grocery, the litter boxes need cleaned and my fitbit is dead. Happy Tuesday!

If you’re feeling any of this, don’t despair! I’ve scoured the internet and found some ways to reel Motivation back in so we can get more done- even in these cold dark days of January!


  1. Find your “why”: You hear this a lot in fitness and weight loss groups. Coaches will tell you that your why is what you hold to when you just don’t feel like working out. Full disclosure: this one is really hard for me. I don’t feel like I have a huge, overwhelming “why”- certainly not one that sustains me during motivation slumps. A lot of people say their kids, for instance, and that doesn’t work for me. So! To help us all out, here are 20 reasons why:

    -better sleep
    -better stress management
    -clearer skin
    -fit in my clothes better
    -more confidence
    -unsupported handstand!
    -vintage clothing
    -visible muscle definition
    -not winded at the top of the stairs
    -I only get one body
    – big “physical dreams” (mountain climbing, marathon running)
    -better mood
    -not held back by size or strength limitations
    – to be a good example
    -to become more disciplined
    -better focus/more productivity
    -to prove to myself
    -I refuse to undo all of my previous hard work
    -I’m too young to feel this old
    -Because I love this body

Obviously, these are mostly fitness related, but you get the idea!

2. Surround yourself with motivation and look at it all the time! I would encourage you to stay away from things like “You’ll never look good naked fat” as that’s just body shaming and ugly, but things like “eat like you love yourself” will only help you!

3. Be. Patient. No matter your goals, they will take time- that’s what makes them worth working for!

4. Don’t compare yourself to others. Comparison is truly the thief of joy. Don’t let it take yours. This is so hard, with social media everywhere and everywhere you look, someone else’s perfect life is on display. Remember that it’s just a display and that your story isn’t theirs. It doesn’t matter what others have, because you’re a superhero.

5. Believe in yourself. No matter your goal, you have to believe it is possible before you can work on it. Every morning I think to myself, “you can do this, Supergirl”. It’s silly, but it helps!


Also, I made this goal tracker sheet for myself, and I think it is helping. If it’ll help you, you can print it out and do what you like with it- just don’t sell it, please!




Superhero Action of the day: Make a list of the things that will keep you motivated! Refocus, and then go out and crush those goals.

Take time to be grateful

I feel like recently, I’ve been a mess of things that are difficult, and that’s bleeding into my writing here.

As you all know, last year was very difficult for me, but I’m not really the kind of persona to wallow in that.

And y’all, things are so good right now. I’ve got the right amount of work (and money!) for maybe the first time in my adult life.

My relationships, while not wrinkle free, are pretty healthy and happy.

It’s cold, but I have the things I need to stay warm.

I’m even doing ok at the eating well thing (although I am still struggling with getting enough exercise!)

And all of this has got me feeling just so grateful. I’m so thankful to be here, doing work that I love and work that I like. I’m so thankful for each one of you reading these posts and encouraging me.

I’m so thankful for my family, the friends that feel like family, and the coworkers and students that bring me so much joy.

I’m so thankful for this body that gets me through 14,16,18 hour days like a A CHAMP.

And the funniest thing happens when we dwell on gratitude instead of on negativity. I find that I am just generally happier. Gratitude and negativity both breed like rabbits, and we get to choose what we’re overrun with.

I hope you choose gratitude. I know not every day is your new best day. I know there will be days where you just don’t feel like a superhero. I know, because I’ve had them. I’ve lost relationships, jobs, family members. I’ve gained weight, lived on fast food, and been less than awesome to the people I work with.

And I’m thankful anyway. It’s not because someone always has it worse. It’s simply because I am thankful. I’m thankful for my life.

And I hope you are too.

If you’re not, here are a couple of things that might help:

  1. Try getting up in the morning a tiny bit earlier and listing out the things that are going well for you- even if it’s just that you’ve managed to get out of bed.
  2. Make a list of the things you have to be grateful for and keep it where you can refer to it constantly (phone background, anyone?)
  3. Start a gratitude journal.
  4. Take a walk. Outside, even in the cold. And when you get warmed up enough that you start to feel alive even though it’s so cold, be grateful for a body that lets you do that.
  5. Find a charitable organization to give to or donate your time. I’m not sure why this works, but it really, really does.


I truly believe that being a superhero means having a healthy body, mind and spirit, and gratefulness is a big part of that- I hope you’ll learn to practice this if you aren’t already!


Superhero Action of the day: What are you grateful for? I want to know!

Five ways to reduce waste

Hi Superheroes!

Today we’re talking trash.

I mean it! But not like that- superheroes try not to gossip.  No, today, we’re talking about making less trash, and being kinder to our planet.

This is so important- but I get it, no one wants to go through 40,000 extra steps OR spend a ton of extra money on being green. So here are a few of my favorite, easy, cheap ways to be nicer to the planet and reduce your waste.

  1. Carry a water bottle. This one is kind of obvious, but it’s so important. Not only will you be better hydrated, but those plastic water bottles are YUCKY. If you’re like me and addicted to seltzer water, a soda stream machine is worth the investment! I fill up two one liter bottles before I leave in the morning and I have water all day- without a drop of waste! Much better than my case of soda cans, even if I was recycling them!
  2. Take your own grocery bags or ask for paper. Again, fairly familiar, but again, it makes a big impact! Look out soon for a tutorial on making your own bags out of an old t-shirt- that way it’s even free! If you do get plastic bags, find a recycling center that will accept them and get rid of them responsibly.
  3. Try to buy for longevity, and not convenience. Stick with me here: although you might pay a higher price point up front, when you can afford it, buy quality stuff. This is especially pertinent to things like clothes, electronics, etc. If you can get more than one use/year/etc, out of an item, you’re keeping that item out of the trash a little longer. You’ll actually save money in the long run, too! I know it isn’t always feasible, but when we can, it helps!
  4. Try composting. This one is a little trickier, but there are several good ways to go about it. First of all, if you’re a gardener, you probably already know about composting, and you may even have your own bin or pile- that’s amazing! If, however, you live in an apartment, like me, or in a city, or have no interest in gardening (also me), fear not! You can still get some mileage out of all those food scraps! There are programs starting up all over the country that provide you with a bin and then pick it up when it is full, using it on community gardens, for the city or in other ways that are beneficial to the community. OR, you could take a look around your neighborhood or ask family, friends and coworkers. For example, I save all of my food scraps and then put them in my neighbor’s compost bins. I feel good doing something to give back and he gets the benefits of healthy gardens in the spring and summer. Plus, I sort of made a friend doing it! Win-win-win.
  5. Join a community initiative. Whether it’s adopting a highway, doing a parks pick up day or starting your own trash pickup as you walk around your neighborhood, find a way to do your part for your community. WE all make a lot of trash. The least we can do is keep it where it belongs.


There you have it! 5 super simple ways to live a little greener!

Superhero action of the day: What did I miss? What are some other ways to give back to our community and world? Let me know- I love hearing from you!

So This is Where We Are: Accepting Setbacks

Hello, Superheroes!

I hope your humpday went well! I started my most recent work gig this week, and I must admit, I’m tired! It’s less physical than my job at the amusement park, but man, I am tired at the end of the day!

And sometimes that means I have to just accept the fact that I didn’t get everything done. I didn’t get a blog post up. I didn’t get to the gym. I didn’t.

But sometimes that also means accepting that I can’t. Sometimes that’s easy. I cannot run a marathon (yet.) I cannot go without sleep (though I try). But sometimes, admitting that I can’t do something is really, really hard. Especially when it is something I used to be able to do.

I’ve recently taken on kind of a quiet challenge. Even if I don’t do anything else physical all day, I’m doing 10 pushups a day for 100 days. On January 1, when I got down on the floor and did my pushups, I wanted to cry. I did them from my knees and they were still really, really hard. How can it be that 10 pushups are so hard for me right now? 10 pushups from my toes used to be relatively easy for me. And now I can’t even contemplate that. Now 10 pushups from my knees leave me winded and feeling exerted.

I was embarrassed. Ashamed. Frustrated. Disappointed with myself.

But the more I think about that battle in particular, the more I can just accept that this is where I am right now. I haven’t been able to focus on my body goals recently. And as much as I try, I can’t always juggle all of the things I wish I could. I haven’t been able to carve out time for the gym, or for boxing.

I went to my first yoga class in a long time a couple of weeks ago, and it was so hard.

But that’s where I am right now.

On the other hand, my career stuff is booming- so much so that I haven’t been able to focus on the Etsy store I started thinking about last Summer. But this is where I am.

Because here’s the thing: all stages of life are temporary. Happy with where you are? I hate to tell you, but in all likelihood it is temporary.

Ready for a change? Good. Not only do you get to choose it, but where you are currently will change. And that’s a beautiful thing.

I may not be able to do ten pushups from my toes right now, but I’m working on changing that. Because where I am right now does not define where I will be forever, or even at the end of this 100 days. I don’t have to know what my life long physical fitness goals are to be able to say that I want to be stronger in 100 days. Heck, I don’t even have much of a goal for the end of the 100 days. I just want to try it and see what happens. I will tell you I have a goal of being able to do a handstand by my birthday, and the pushups are going to help with that, but other than that, I don’t know right now.

I have a goal of figuring out how to jam 2 exercise classes a week into my schedule starting February 1. Right now, I’m cold and tired every minute I’m not working, and so, that has to be enough.

Because this is where I am right now.

If you’re struggling with the idea that you aren’t doing enough, or if you’ve experienced a setback recently, I would encourage you to think to yourself, right now, “This is just where I am right now”. Then take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Feel any better? I hope so.

And remember, my superheroes: where you are right now will never, ever determine your final destination. If you’ve been knocked down a rung or two- the good news is you can climb back up.


Superhero Action of the Day: If you’re feeling like some areas of your life have been neglected or set back recently, take a minute and list one positive thing for each of them. And then take a deep breath- and start climbing.

diversity, change, & love

I was going to talk about the beauty of diversity tonight- being that it’s MLK day today. I was going to wax profound about how if we could all just treat each other as, I don’t know, human beings, with the compassion and care that that merits, the world would be a better place.

I was going to tell you all about the joy I find in going to a multi racial church, working in multi racial schools, and having friends of other races.

Don’t get me wrong, I think all of that is valid. And I think those are beautiful things to aspire to. And it IS a true joy going to a multi racial church, teaching in my urban schools and having friends who are different than me.

But the problem America is facing is just so large. Racism is insidious. It sneaks and slips into corners when you aren’t paying attention. It is so ingrained in some of us, I have heard people say things like “I’m not racist, (uh huh, sure, keep talking) but black women are ugly”.

The people who say these kinds of things really do believe they aren’t racist. Let that sink in. Most of the time, people who say these things believe that they aren’t racist.

I would know, I’ve been one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, #blackgirlmagic is real and people of color are just as varied as people with less melanin in their skins. And they are beautiful. Light skinned, dark skinned, all women are lovely creatures- no matter our race.

But I have said things I’m not proud of, in retrospect.

This is where, I think, the dialogue around racism that’s happening right now can be a two edged sword. On the one hand, talking about these things is the only way we’ll ever make a change. Exorcise the demon. All of these social injustices hide under people’s refusal to see them, and in order to chase them out, we have to talk about them.  On the other hand, though, who’s voice do we listen to? If what I really desire to do is stand with people of color and say ‘enough is enough’ to racism, how do I police myself against micro-aggressions? Whom should I ask about what’s acceptable and what’s not? Who can I trust to pull me aside and say “hey girl, just so you know, that comment wasn’t cool” And when that happens, can I be sure that I will respond with a “thanks for letting me know, I’m so sorry I upset you- I’ll do better in the future!”?

Is it really the loudest voice that has all the answers? You know the one- the facebook friend who posts nothing but politics and the negative experiences they are having. How can I be sure that she has all the answers?

I guess my point is that no matter the fight- racism, sexism, political change, we need to choose our mentors carefully. And when we make those choices, I hope we are brave enough to engage in conversations with those people about what they think the path to change is.

And of course, we need to watch our words and our minds. Can we learn to be proud of who we are without denigrating someone else? Can we agree to learn from each other instead of ripping each other to shreds?

If what we desire is equality, respect, compassion, and dignity from each other, can we start by offering it? Even to those against whom we are morally opposed? Can we agree to swallow hard and say “you are different than me, and I like that about you” instead of “you are different than me and that makes you wrong”?

One of the things that breaks my heart regularly is how ugly people are capable of being to one another. Hate gets spewed back and forth, on both sides of every issue until no one can stand up at the end with a clean conscience. It’s gotten so bad for me personally that I have had to make the lamentable decision to almost completely not engage- especially online. Not because I don’t agree, but because I have to protect my heart from that color of ugly. That’s been a hard choice, but I can’t join in with the name calling and the mud slinging.

So instead, I choose to listen more than I speak and spread love. Love to my students, on whom I have the most direct impact. Love to the members of my church. Love to the cashiers at stores, and love to the people in the gym. I can’t figure out another healthy way to do it.

This isn’t a post with a single actionable item in it. I don’t have any of the answers. This is hard stuff to talk about, think about and act on. I hope that it makes you think, though.

The way you treat people matters. All people. Every interaction. Online, over the phone or in person, it matters. And if we ever want things to change, we’ll have to start by changing ourselves.



The reason people don’t achieve their goals

Hi loves.

Can I just tell you- sometimes life is so hard. And even when it’s good, it’s still… like, expert level. And sometimes we’re just not ready for expert level, right? Sometimes I could use some time on beginner mode.And the truth is that life- like most things- is rarely all good or all bad. Sure, we all have stormy periods. Times when it seems like nothing will ever go right. But for the most part, life is more complicated then that. Some days are amazing, some are terrible, most are less exciting. Parts of your life are going so well- and other parts are crumbling. And it’s hard to know how to feel about that. I’m really happy with my career right now… but my home life is struggling. I’m feeling really close to some of the people in my life… but I have a few relationships that are struggling- either in their own lives or in our relationship.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which way is up.

And I think that’s why most people don’t meet their goals.

I don’t think it is because they are lazy, or because they just didn’t want it bad enough. I don’t think it’s that they don’t set good goals. It’s the minutiae of everyday life that will get in the way of greatness. I was joking around this fall with my mom about understanding why important and famous people have personal assistants. I want one, and I’m not famous and only of marginal overall importance. But man, the stuff I could get done! How productive could I BE with a personal assistant and a maid? It boggles the mind. It seems as if my days get so cluttered up with the day to day tasks of being an adult I hardly have any room left for superhero-ing. And I don’t just mean blogging. I love the writing, but more importantly, I want to practice what I teach. If I’m sharing recipes with you, I want to have tried them and verified that they are, in fact, amazing. If I’m posting ways to keep your house clean, wouldn’t it be magical if mine was?

If I’m talking about meal planning… shouldn’t I be doing just that?

If I’m setting goals, and encouraging you to do so… what happens if week after week… I don’t hit mine?

Does that make me a hypocrite? Ineffective? A failure?

I don’t think so. People will tell you life is a journey. So if we keep with that metaphor, then really, you can’t fail at it. There will be times where the road is smoother than others. There will be times when the going is easier, there are plenty of rest stops and a great playlist. And there will be times when you miss your turn, lose your way, the car breaks down, you get car sick, or run out of snacks.

It’s all ok.

The biggest fix for this, I think, is to try to live fully in every moment, and not worry too much about the long term result. Being goal oriented is wonderful. Being single minded is… tricky sometimes.

But also- cut your day to day clutter. This is a message to myself as much as anyone else. But if you can make life easier, do that for yourself. Use subscription services. Use a crock pot. (Or Instapot, I have my eye on that one!) Find the balance.

And also, know when to be gentle with yourself. That’s ok too. Some days you’re an Amazon warrior, slaying goals and taking names.

Other days you’re going to need to sit quietly and say “ok. Maybe tomorrow”. And that’s ok too.

So the number one reason people don’t fulfill their goals?

Life. Life gets in the way. But the people that do meet them? They find ways to blend the two.

A little bit of a life update

Hi Supers!

I hope your new year is off to a cracking start! I have to admit- mine is! That’s a nice change after last year!

So let’s have a few life updates, eh?

When I dropped off the face of the internet in October, I was designing a show and working full time as the Costume Shop Supervisor at King’s Island, a major amusement park outside of Cincinnati.

This Winter, King’s Island brought back an old favorite- Winterfest. It opened on Black Friday. Winterfest is part lights show, part amusement park, and LOTS of live (and costumed!) entertainment. There were 13 shows and 2 groups of costumed characters.

We did costume fittings from November 9-11. My show ran the following week and weekend- November 15-17.

The next week was the week of Thanksgiving. Due to a variety of factors, I worked 119 hours.  I didn’t even know there were that many hours IN a week.

For the next several weeks, I hardly came up for air. I was working a minimum of 70 hours a week, every week.

I was also prepping Christmas, and trying to, well… be a Superhero. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to tell you about it then!

Christmas happened- by a lot of luck and the skin of my teeth. It was lovely- my brother and his girlfriend came home, and somehow, I managed to even spend some time with them.

The wrapping theme this year was agates and gem stones- there are some tutorials coming here soon, so keep an eye peeled! Here’s an example of the finished products, though:



In the middle of Winterfest, Christmas and everything else, the job I had my fingers crossed about came through for the next three months. (As I’ll be on a hiatus from the Park). More info to come on that after I sign paperwork on Thursday. If you’re curious, I’ll be sharing it first on my professional costuming facebook page.

And then it was New Years! Winterfest closed on December 30, and this last week two of my best girlfriends came to town.

I took zero pictures with either of them- we were too busy enjoying our time together! But I had a great New Years with one best friend, and a great couple of days with the other.

But all of that wasn’t exactly conducive to getting myself centered for the new year- and I don’t have time to just stop and recenter very often.

And so, here we are. It’s the second Monday of the new year, andI’m treading water. I’m exhausted. I’m ready to curl up on my couch and binge on something until I can’t move.

But instead, I’m hopping from job to job, emails about projects I haven’t even signed on yet, finishing up the last pieces of Winterfest tear down, behind on designing the show, Christmas decorations still up, eating waffles for dinner.

But y’all, I’m so HAPPY doing this. It makes me feel alive. Not 120 hour weeks over a holiday. But working a bunch of projects, checking in with my students, spending time with friends, and coming home to my pets in our cozy superhero hideout.

So that’s kind of where I’ve been- but I’m glad to be back here with you!

Superhero Action of the day: What have you been doing that makes you feel alive?

The difference between dreams, wishes, goals and plans

Hi Supers!

How’s everyone doing on those New Year’s Resolutions? Or do you not want to call them that? That’s fine too. There’s a lot of stigma around that term- and a built in expectation that we’ll all fail out by the end of the month.

What if you didn’t have to?

What if you could develop a system to help you succeed at whatever it is you want to do this year?

Good news: it is totally, completely, 100% possible for you to achieve all of your goals this year.

Bad news: you will have to work for it.

Resolutions are really just goals. You’re resolving to do something. Planning to do it. Making a goal of doing it.

Goals are “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result”. Seems pretty familiar, right? Here’s what that definition won’t tell you: A goal is more than a plan, dream, or wish.

A plan is “a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something”. Plans tell you the steps. Plans are firm. Plans help you prepare. A fire escape plan. A financial plan.

A dream is to “contemplate the possibility of doing something”. You think about it. You build Pinterest boards about it. You visualize it. A dream vacation, a dream job, dream house, car, or partner.

A wish is when you “feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable”. We wish upon stars. We wish for big things: world peace, Christmas presents as children.


Dreams and wishes are similar in that in both cases, we are devoting some significant brain power to something without any thought to forward momentum. There’s no plan of action. There’s no urgency. “Someday I’ll run a marathon” is not a goal; it’s a dream. “Someday I’ll be brave enough to be good at public speaking” is not a goal; it’s a wish. Don’t get me wrong, I want you to wish and to dream. Dream big. Wish for things you can’t hardly picture. Dream about the future, your career, your financial status. Do all of that.

Dreams and wishes, though, are what we build plans and goals out of. They’re the building blocks. The meat and potatoes of a goal. You’ve got to have them, or there’s no substance. But they aren’t the whole meal- and certainly not the fork, which is how you get those meat and potatoes into your life.

Goals are plans with dreams. Think about that one for a minute. If your dream is to be a runner, for example, in order to make it a goal, you have to make a plan. “I want to be a runner” has no momentum. How will you know when you are a runner? How long should that take you? This is where your plan comes in. Sit down, and really bite into that dream. How will you know when you’re a runner? Is it when you can run one mile or 26? Is it when you get your first medal or get under a certain time? In this example, we’ll say that I’ll know I’m a runner (fulfilling my dream) when I run a marathon. So now the GOAL becomes “to run a marathon”. But our goals should also be on a timetable. If all I say is “I want to run a marathon before I die”, that gives me (I hope!) lots of time to procrastinate. If, however, I say that I want to run a marathon this year, well, I’d better get cracking. So now the goal reads “I want to run a marathon during 2018”. Now that’s something!

From there, we can break the goal down into bite size plan chunks: I will run a 5k before Easter, or I’ll run a July 4 half marathon. I like LOTS of bite size chunks (or mini goals). It makes the whole thing seem less overwhelming and scary.

So, to recap: first step: dream with all of your heart and creativity. Wish for things. Get BIG. Think of things that scare you and excite you all at once. Then think about how you can achieve them and make them a reality. Set a time limit and a specific way of achieving that dream. And then find the action steps to get you there.

I’m not a math person, but maybe the formula looks like this:

Goals= plans(dreams+wishes)

So with that in mind, let me tell you a few of my goals for the new year:

  • I want an unsupported handstand before my next birthday (November)

to that end, I have decided to commit myself to 100 days of pushups and planks, as well as reinvigorating my yoga practice and periodic tries at my handstands (supported, for now!)

  • I want to be debt free (except maybe a mortgage payment?) in ten years.

I’m saving a little bit every week so that I can start paying extra on my debt. I’m also cutting unnecessary expenses where possible.


I hope this helps you realize that you can achieve and earn all of your dreams. It is totally possible. But you will have to work for it! Thinking about the things you want is great. Going and getting them?

That’s Superhero Living.

Superhero Action of the day: What are your goals? I want to hear all about them.



New Beginnings

I know it is stereotypical to talk about this at the start of the new year, but I can’t help it. I’m so excited for the adventures this year will bring- and I’m excited to be done with last year.

But that is making me think of new beginnings of all kinds. They’re their own special kind of sweetness, aren’t they? Whether it’s going to the gym for the first time in three months (me), reconnecting with an old friend (also me), or finding new joy in something exciting and fresh (you guessed it), beginning something new is so exciting.

It’s scary though, too. I went to the gym tonight, and everything hurt. The workout I breezed through in August and September kicked my butt tonight. And that’s sad, and frustrating, and disappointing. But this body of mine is strong, and sexy, and beautiful, and multi dimensional. And it’s the only one I get, for my whole life. So the best thing I can do for it is to love it and appreciate it for what it CAN get me through, not be angry with it for losing progress. It just got me through two full months of some of the hardest work I’ve ever done- 100+ hour weeks, 20,000+ step days, bad food, not enough sleep, not enough love. But we’re through it now, and this body carried me and let me do it.

So yes, we started again at the gym. Because my body is worth spending that time on. And I’m excited about watching and feeling my body get stronger again. (Not to mention, I’ll admit, my pants fitting a little bit better!)


In a similar vein, I’ve reconnected with several old friends within the last year or so. It’s been so good for my soul, to have them back in my life. To remember the way we interact and feel safe and supported by them again. But in each instance, occasionally I discover something different about this person I thought I knew so well. Something about them that has changed over the years where we weren’t connected. And finding those surprises is precious- each one reminds me of the changes I’ve made in my own life and helps remind me that we all grow and change and develop. Some of these changes are good ones- growth, expansion, better mental and physical health. Some of them haven’t been changes for the better- and in one case, I felt like I had to cut ties with someone I was once very close to. And although that is painful, it’s healthy, too. And it gives me room to begin again, in a new cycle of my life.

As always, there’s a new beginning coming in my career. I don’t want to spill the beans on it for another week or so, but I am feeling very excited about the new beginnings there, and looking forward to a year full, once again, of work that I love.

And then there’s this space. This space where we can be together. This space that can become anything I want it to be. This space that needs me to be here more often. This space that can begin again. And I’m excited about that too.

I hope, darlings, that as you look ahead into this new year, you can see the excitement in those beginnings before you see the fears. That you jump in to your new beginnings with faith and enthusiasm. That your new beginnings reward you. And that you’ll continue to share them with me.

Superhero Action of the Day: think about something new that is starting for you. What are the opportunities it presents to broaden your life?

10 things I’m loving for January

Hello Supers!

It’s January 1! Happy New Year! Let’s start this year off on the right foot. In the spirit of a new year and a fresh start, here are 10 things I’m loving for January.

  1. Rocketbook Everlast Ya’ll, I’m so excited about this notebook I can’t even talk about it. It sends pdf versions of the pages to pre-determined folders in a variety of cloud systems, like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox or more. AND IT IS ERASABLE. YOU GUYS. I’m so excited about the possibilities. rocketbook_everlast_lettersize_1024x1024
  2. Soda Stream If you aren’t familiar with these, they’re pretty cool. You fill the bottle with regular water, and it carbonates it for you. I’m looking forward to reducing my waste this year (since I’m utterly addicted to seltzer water). This seems like a great solution!41zlgrgbedl-_sl500_ac_ss350_
  3. YakTrax cabin socks– I got these as a Christmas gift, but they are already a favorite! They’re fuzzy like stay at home socks, but knit on the outside like regular socks. SO warm, and so cozy, but thinner and less bulky than slipper socks. Win!2a225c0c3da1ab6561cb8b4b108a49ca-cabin-socks-best-socks
  4. Anchor Glass tupperware– I’m slowly switching over to all glass tupperware and I just got some of these. I’m really happy with them so far. High quality, heavy duty and very nice looking.


5. Agate coasters– I actually made a set of these this year for Christmas (tutorial coming soon!) and now I’m obsessed. They’re just so beautiful. You can buy a set, or just wait for the tutorial coming later this month.


6. One Line a Day Journal: Full disclosure, I haven’t started this just yet, although I plan to tonight! This is a journal where you just write down one thing for the day, every day, for five years. I can’t wait to see where I am when I’m done with it. What a great way to practice mindfulness and gratitude!this-one-line-a-day-journal-is-my-most-prized-pos-2-8431-1509734021-4_dblbig

7. Sonia Kashuk brow pencil– Although this is not as good as my Anastasia brow crayon, it comes in at a much lower price point. The color is good, and it has a pretty decent amount of staying power. dsc_0346

8. How to Be a Wallflower I bought this book for my mom for Christmas, and everyone who sees it is obsessed. The art is stunning, and the ideas about mindfulness, mental health and gratitude are really lovely. a1i-hxvmlxl

9. Over the door pockets I bought this to store crafting and sewing supplies in, and I’m obsessed. It has double pockets, which is neat, and seems very sturdy. 

10. Coleman first aid kit I bought this as a gift, but I will probably get one of my own. It’s the size of an altoid tin, but holds all sorts of little essentials. Great for keeping in the car!

There you have it! I hope you find some things you love!