I know it is stereotypical to talk about this at the start of the new year, but I can’t help it. I’m so excited for the adventures this year will bring- and I’m excited to be done with last year.

But that is making me think of new beginnings of all kinds. They’re their own special kind of sweetness, aren’t they? Whether it’s going to the gym for the first time in three months (me), reconnecting with an old friend (also me), or finding new joy in something exciting and fresh (you guessed it), beginning something new is so exciting.

It’s scary though, too. I went to the gym tonight, and everything hurt. The workout I breezed through in August and September kicked my butt tonight. And that’s sad, and frustrating, and disappointing. But this body of mine is strong, and sexy, and beautiful, and multi dimensional. And it’s the only one I get, for my whole life. So the best thing I can do for it is to love it and appreciate it for what it CAN get me through, not be angry with it for losing progress. It just got me through two full months of some of the hardest work I’ve ever done- 100+ hour weeks, 20,000+ step days, bad food, not enough sleep, not enough love. But we’re through it now, and this body carried me and let me do it.

So yes, we started again at the gym. Because my body is worth spending that time on. And I’m excited about watching and feeling my body get stronger again. (Not to mention, I’ll admit, my pants fitting a little bit better!)


In a similar vein, I’ve reconnected with several old friends within the last year or so. It’s been so good for my soul, to have them back in my life. To remember the way we interact and feel safe and supported by them again. But in each instance, occasionally I discover something different about this person I thought I knew so well. Something about them that has changed over the years where we weren’t connected. And finding those surprises is precious- each one reminds me of the changes I’ve made in my own life and helps remind me that we all grow and change and develop. Some of these changes are good ones- growth, expansion, better mental and physical health. Some of them haven’t been changes for the better- and in one case, I felt like I had to cut ties with someone I was once very close to. And although that is painful, it’s healthy, too. And it gives me room to begin again, in a new cycle of my life.

As always, there’s a new beginning coming in my career. I don’t want to spill the beans on it for another week or so, but I am feeling very excited about the new beginnings there, and looking forward to a year full, once again, of work that I love.

And then there’s this space. This space where we can be together. This space that can become anything I want it to be. This space that needs me to be here more often. This space that can begin again. And I’m excited about that too.

I hope, darlings, that as you look ahead into this new year, you can see the excitement in those beginnings before you see the fears. That you jump in to your new beginnings with faith and enthusiasm. That your new beginnings reward you. And that you’ll continue to share them with me.

Superhero Action of the Day: think about something new that is starting for you. What are the opportunities it presents to broaden your life?

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