Hi Supers!

I hope your new year is off to a cracking start! I have to admit- mine is! That’s a nice change after last year!

So let’s have a few life updates, eh?

When I dropped off the face of the internet in October, I was designing a show and working full time as the Costume Shop Supervisor at King’s Island, a major amusement park outside of Cincinnati.

This Winter, King’s Island brought back an old favorite- Winterfest. It opened on Black Friday. Winterfest is part lights show, part amusement park, and LOTS of live (and costumed!) entertainment. There were 13 shows and 2 groups of costumed characters.

We did costume fittings from November 9-11. My show ran the following week and weekend- November 15-17.

The next week was the week of Thanksgiving. Due to a variety of factors, I worked 119 hours.  I didn’t even know there were that many hours IN a week.

For the next several weeks, I hardly came up for air. I was working a minimum of 70 hours a week, every week.

I was also prepping Christmas, and trying to, well… be a Superhero. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to tell you about it then!

Christmas happened- by a lot of luck and the skin of my teeth. It was lovely- my brother and his girlfriend came home, and somehow, I managed to even spend some time with them.

The wrapping theme this year was agates and gem stones- there are some tutorials coming here soon, so keep an eye peeled! Here’s an example of the finished products, though:



In the middle of Winterfest, Christmas and everything else, the job I had my fingers crossed about came through for the next three months. (As I’ll be on a hiatus from the Park). More info to come on that after I sign paperwork on Thursday. If you’re curious, I’ll be sharing it first on my professional costuming facebook page.

And then it was New Years! Winterfest closed on December 30, and this last week two of my best girlfriends came to town.

I took zero pictures with either of them- we were too busy enjoying our time together! But I had a great New Years with one best friend, and a great couple of days with the other.

But all of that wasn’t exactly conducive to getting myself centered for the new year- and I don’t have time to just stop and recenter very often.

And so, here we are. It’s the second Monday of the new year, andI’m treading water. I’m exhausted. I’m ready to curl up on my couch and binge on something until I can’t move.

But instead, I’m hopping from job to job, emails about projects I haven’t even signed on yet, finishing up the last pieces of Winterfest tear down, behind on designing the show, Christmas decorations still up, eating waffles for dinner.

But y’all, I’m so HAPPY doing this. It makes me feel alive. Not 120 hour weeks over a holiday. But working a bunch of projects, checking in with my students, spending time with friends, and coming home to my pets in our cozy superhero hideout.

So that’s kind of where I’ve been- but I’m glad to be back here with you!

Superhero Action of the day: What have you been doing that makes you feel alive?

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