I’m Charis, the woman behind the mask of Superhero Living. I’m so glad you’re here! When I’m not starting these kinds of projects, I’m a teacher and costumer, living in Dayton, Ohio. I love to cook, and I tend towards Paleo foods. I box and do yoga. I’m obsessed with my dog (as you’ll find out if you’re reading a long!) I love my city, my family, and my work.

Superhero Living is born out of my desire to live my very best life- and to share the lessons I’m learning along the way! Whether it’s eating better, training our bodies and brains to be in the best shape they can, or managing the paperwork of an adult, busy life with style, I hope this will be a place of joy and inspiration for you.

And also, let’s kick some major life ass together. Ready?

Let’s go.