The Relaunch

Hey Supers!

It’s been a minute, right? I know- I started this thing, and then I really, really dropped the ball. I have a thousand excuses, but it boils down to this, at the heart of it:

I wasn’t sure I had anything relevant to say. I was in a serious season of self doubt and hardship- I tried to share some of that with you, but then I felt like this space was getting really negative, which isn’t really what I’m about. So instead of figuring it out… I stopped writing. I took this off my plate. I took some time to figure myself and this brand out.

I know that that probably hurt my growth potential and followers. I know a lot of you have been asking for more posts. (And I SO appreciate that!) But you know what? I think it was probably good for me. It was good for Charis, the human behind the words here. IT was good for my Superhero Persona, who needed to spend some time on a digital mountaintop thinking and doing some mental training. I get it, it was risky if I want this little space to take off (which, who knows, I’m still just thrilled when one person reads this, so maybe it doesn’t matter AT ALL) but I just felt like, if I don’t have anything positive to write about it, then what’s the point??

Now I hear you asking “What have you been doing since February?”

Here’s the round up: I designed three shows, one for Chaminade Julienne High School, and two for the University of Dayton. I went on vacation to Logan, Utah to see two of my absolute favorite humans. (Adventure post soon!!) I went back to work as the costume shop manager for Kings Island, which has occupied the vast majority of my time in the last 5 months. I started doing some volunteering at America’s Packard Museum once-ish a week. That’s been kind of a weird off shoot for me, but I actually really look forward to it every weekend. I moved into a house, and I’ve just been so busy getting the house the way I want it. I started taking some classes in Aerial Silks and Lyra (aerial hoop), which is a journey in physical and mental strength unlike anything I’ve worked on before. I went back to the boxing gym- you can find me there 2-3 times a week right now, and I can see the progress so clearly. I walked a long hard road with a friend who needs me. I made new friends. And I spent a LOT of time thinking about the kind of person I am, and want to be. I spent a lot of time examining the smoke screens I’ve been throwing across my personality: things like overly formal, careful writing (and living). Not truly trusting the process, not truly living full out. Not forcing myself to live up to my potential.

The relaunch: www.superheroliving.blogThe Relaunch:

The Relaunch:
The cast of Kings Island’s Gravity, costumes by Genevieve Beauchamp

The relaunch:

And then I got inspired again to be here, in this space. To chronicle the journey, but also to try and help other people figure things out for themselves.

I won’t pretend to have it all figured out. I don’t. None of us do. I am afraid, and frustrated, too busy, and stressed. But I’m also so grateful for this life that I get to live.

And here’s what I know, deep down in the pit of my soul, where I always find the truth: when I live in that abundance, life is so good. When I trust that the Universe (which is the same as the Force, Spirit, God, and the Creator) wants what’s best for me, and that all I have to do is trust, the Universe comes through. Every time. And it comes through in ways that blow me away. I have gotten such concrete examples of the Universe taking care of me, that I don’t have any other choice than to have faith that it will be there for me.

With that knowledge, I’m free. I’m free to create and explore. I’m free to take off on any adventure I want. I’m free to live in a way that honors myself and that incredible guiding force, the Universe. I’m free to pursue the things I find passion and joy in. I’m free to be my most true self, regardless of who she is, because the Creator of the Universe does not make mistakes. And so as long as I live in a way that honors self and It, I’ll win, every time.

I hope that doesn’t sound too hippy-dippy or woo-woo to you, because I truly believe that it’s the foundation of superhero-dom. This is what gives us our superpowers. Because I AM a superhero, and so are you. All you have to do is plug in to that energy and watch yourself take off.

So! Here’s what you can expect from me, moving forward. I’m not going to promise you that I will post every day- I won’t. I’m not going to promise you that it will be all rainbows from here, and you’ll never see a post that examines the darker parts of life- you will. But I’ll be here regularly- I’m going to shoot for 2-3 times a week. The blog will focus where it has always focused: improving life and superhero skills. But very generally, I’ll stick to the following topics:

  • Work (including some new ventures I can’t WAIT to tell you about!)
  • Relationship with self and others
  • Making and creating
  • Fitness/nutrition
  • Adventures

Or, to put it in superhero jargon (because WHY NOT):

  • Missions
  • How Not To Be A Martyr (they all do it. it’s dumb. Let’s not.)
  • Invention and Genius
  • Training
  • Adventures (because that’s exciting enough on it’s own)

I don’t mind telling you, I’m a little nervous about this. I’m scared I’ll let you down again. I have TONS of fun ideas for posts, and my most earnest intention and prayer is to write like crazy so that we can continue to connect through this space. But one of the things I’ve been learning this year is that I don’t have to know what the next year will look like- I know what today looks like, and the Universe has the rest of it figured out. I’ll know when it’s time. I trust that this little blog is a part of that plan. And so, I’ll continue to trust that this will work out, that I’ll have the ideas, the space, the words, and the time.

So if you’re happy to see this new post, could you let me know? Could you like it, leave me a comment here, or on facebook (@SuperheroLiving) or on Instagram (@charisweible)? Could you share this space with a friend? I could use some support from my team as I jump back in here, and I KNOW you all have my back.

In the meantime, I’ll see you soon.



The Relaunch:


Superhero Action of the day: Give me thumbs up somewhere if you’re happy to see this place grooving again! I’m excited to be back with you- and I hope you’re excited about it too!



Welcome to Superhero Living!


I’m so glad you’re here. This has been a pet baby project of mine for over two years, and I’m so excited to show it off to the world now.


Here’s what to expect:

This is a lifestyle and wellness blog. Topics will be pretty broad, but will include things like:

  • Health and fitness
  • Nutrition
  • How to get more out of your day and your life
  • Crafting/sewing tutorials and projects
  • Recipes
  • Adorable dog photos (because I’m obsessed)


Why now?

Yes, really, I’ve had the idea for this blog in the back of my head for years. This isn’t even its first iteration. So why am I launching it now?


Well, I’m glad you asked.

First of all, I have time. For the first time in my adult life, I have some extra time on my hands to get this thing off the ground and rolling. Secondly, I am feeling more and more like I’m being pulled in this direction. Third, I am starting to do some wellness coaching and this is another obvious outlet for that. I’m also increasing my personal brand on the internet and want to be able to boost this at the same time. Finally, and this one is perhaps the most important reason: because I want to. And I’m ready to. And I think both of these things are super important.


Why Superhero living?


That’s a long story. It starts in the summer of 2015. After a long haul in the emotional and self esteem department, by Summer of 2015 I was feeling really good. I’d lost a lot of weight again (I’ll tell that whole story at some point, but not today), and I was looking for good ways to really get strong, particularly in my upper body. At the same time, I’d become fascinated by all the superhero stuff in our culture right now: tv shows, movies, etc. I decided, more as a game for myself than anything, to become a superhero. It just kind of spiraled from there.


In September of 2015, I joined a boxing gym. It fulfilled two things I was looking for: It is an AWESOME upperbody workout (although, really, it’s a total body powerhouse), and also, it makes me feel like a superhero to go to class. I’ve said on multiple occasions that I feel like if I’m going to protect my city, I need to learn how to throw a punch.


The lifestyle part of it developed from there. I found a group of images on Tumblr that made me really examine how our superheroes might live in between episodes.  Well, they probably eat food that helps them fuel their training. They develop their minds. They try (and fail sometimes) to maintain good relationships. They do the right thing. Well, great, I can do that.


But somewhere along the line, it became more than that. When I’m practicing my Superhero Living, I feel empowered. I walk a little taller, laugh a little louder, work a little harder. I focus better. I look at life as an adventure and I want that. I want to live that way. I want to live a life that’s full and rich with experiences. I want to have stories to tell. I want to kick butt and take names in my career, at the gym, at home. Superhero Living gives me the confidence I was so badly searching for outside of myself. When I’m a superhero, I can do anything. And it’s just a state of mind.


In my full time life, I’m a costume designer. Clothes are a huge part of who I am. But I don’t need a mask and a cape to be my best self. I don’t need tights and body armor. But putting on my smile and my favorite jeans has a similar effect. Suddenly, I feel absolutely unstoppable.


And I want that for you, too. So it may seem silly or childish to say we’re practicing Superhero Living. I’m ok with that. Because the truth of it is, it’s so much more than dress up and crime fighting. It’s learning how to be your best self.


I’m working on it, every day. I’m far from perfect, but I’m getting better all the time.

I hope you want to work on it too.


Superhero Action of the day: follow my social media accounts! I’m charisweible on Instagram, Superhero Living on Facebook and @charisweible on Twitter.